Digital Optical Mouse

Two months ago I got my laptop for my online stuff.  I cannot stand anymore using my old computer because it is too slow.  It takes me hours to post a single article.  Very low memory that causes my old computer to crashed sometimes and my work is all gone.  Frustration and irritation did not leave me because of my old computer.

I am so happy when my laptop was delivered.  Thanks for my sister for helping me to get this valuable thing for me.  My work becomes faster and my article will be posted fast.  But another problem occurs because I needed a mouse for my laptop.  I find it hard to control my cursor using the built in mouse in my laptop.  My fingers are stressed because of too much control.  Since I do not have the money yet I used the old mouse.  I just plug it in when no one is using the computer.  Last night my brother bought a new mouse so that his kids will used the computer if they wanted to play.  The optical mouse is nice and cute so I told my brother to exchange.  I used the new one and the old one will be at old computer.  I am glad they said yes.  Right now I am using the new mouse and I love it.  Thanks to my brother for this.  I wanted to put the picture but was not able to get one.  I will be posting it together with my laptop one of these days.