Life is Too Short…

This morning, while I am doing my online stuff I saw a college friend of mine is online on other networking site.  I am so happy because at last we are able to do chit chat since she is busy at work.  It is really meant to be that we saw each other online because she has a shocking news for me.  Our common friend died two years ago in Lebanon. 

I was really shocked because last week while cleaning my things at the house, the birthday card she gave to me fell in front of me.  I suddenly think of her and asked myself, where is this girl now?  My question has been answered today while talking to our common friend.  Vehicular accident took her life away from her.  It is so sad to know that when she was about to go to abroad she did have a misunderstanding with her mother.  I cannot believed that she even uttered to her mother not to go back to Philippines.  Well, it a matter of a short time she did go back to Philippines but inside the box.  I felt like crying because she was so young and have many dreams in life for her family.  A dream that vanished and slipped away with her.

Life is too short that we have to live with extra careful and in good relation with our love ones.  We never know what lies ahead of us and what life is instore for us.  As much as possible small conflicts should be settled before it’s too late. I just pray for her eternal repose and may she have rest in peace wherever she is.