House of Thier Own

After months of looking for a house for them to stay and call it their own, finally my sister and her husband will have a house of their own in a matter of days.  She never expected that this opportunity would come into their life.  Although it is abrupt decision by the owner to sold their house, my sister and her husband find a way on where to get the money for her to buy the said house.  I can see it in their eyes that they really wanted the house. 

When the owner of the house they have rented right now that they are going to sell the house, my sister wants to buy it.  The owner gives them less than a week for them to provide the money because they have another buyer that is interested also.  Through prayers and faith in God, we come up with the exact amount the owner needed.  Really God is good because He leads us to the way where to find the money.  Truly if you work on thing in your way, God will does the rest for you. In two days the house they have been rented will be their own house.  It is a blessing although it was so abrupt but through the eagerness of my sister and her husband to get the house they find a way  and God show them the way.  Now they are not worried anymore on where to find a place to stay where they can call a house of their own.   Thanks to God, and I am so happy for my sister.