The Last Man Standing..

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The most awaiting fight before this year will end and welcoming another year. Many questions have been answered today. Who will be the best of the best? and Who will be the last man standing? Those questions have been concluded. The world stops when the bell rings and the famous word has been uttered. ‘Lets get ready to rumble’
Once again, Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao did not disappoint all his fans especially the Filipino people. He is indeed the best among the rest and the last man standing in the boxing arena. And always be the last man standing. Always give a good fight that makes his fans go wild of cheering him. It is good to know that Philippines have been known because of him. His winning today is the big victory again of the Filipino people. Many are congratulating him and waiting for his homecoming. After his wonderful victory another question left unanswered, and this is, WHO WILL BE HIS NEX OPPONENT? WILL IT BE MAYWEATHER?