Letting go is not over yet…

The relationship has been ended months ago but still she is in struggle on how to let it go completely.  She has been trying so hard but the memories are still there that cuts deep each day of her life.  Trying her best not to think about it but her heart whispering his name.  Truly, madly, deeply in love with a guy who she thinks belongs to her.

Asking herself why her heart deny that it is over.  It is not easy to let go because of those happy moments they have shared.  Those moments they have shared are keeps on haunting her that made her cry at night.  Letting go is not over yet for her.  That is why she keeps on reading their conversations online, email and letters.  Until she felt the pain of the breaking up, she will find it hard to move on and let go of him and the feeling.  I pray that time will come she will feel no more pain everytime she is looking back those memories.  When there is no pain, it only tells that she is over it and now wants to let it go.  Only time can tell because only time heals all wounds in the past. 

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  1. by simply kim, on November 14 2010 @ 12:26 am


    there's no easy way around the healing process. she just has to keep on living one day at a time and let time do its work..

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