Losing my temper…

My day was perfectly plan, woke up early, eat breakfast, clean the house, doing my online stuff and then take a nap.  Amongst those I have mentioned, I was not able to accomplished it because of my nephew’s bad condition.  It is only me and him again in the house as others are going out, school and work.  I do not know what happened to my nephew but he is throwing up.  How can I finished any of my plans when he is throwing up somewhere in the house?

I am losing my temper to him.  I am so sorry to my little nephew because I shouted at him because he adds another job for me today.  Now, I realized how bad I am to him.  He is one year old and cannot speak what he feels and here I am angry at him.  Even though I am angry at him, he comes near me and hug me and smile.  I am really so bad kind of aunt today.  I forgot to understand my nephew.  I promise never to do it again, never to loss my temper and to have more patience to him.  By the way, I have shared a photo of him and me.  Good day readers and happy weekend!


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    Following along from the Friday Folow. Would love it if you could come follow me back! I am in the midst of my Green Holiday Giving event and have TONS of ecofriendly giveaways going on. Have a great weekend!


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