Rest At Last…

The world is so busy, people are busy at work, at school and even at home.  Seems like time is too short for us to finish the things that we are doing.  And time is not enough for us to take some rest.  It is good to take some rest because our body needs to regain the energy that has been lost for too much working.  We only have one body and so we have to take good care of it because when this body becomes weaker and sick, we cant find a replacement.  
I am just at home, babysitting my brother’s kids, doing household chores and my online stuff.  Simple things as they say but mind you, household chores is the most tiring job ever.  They think that it is easy to work at home and we can rest, but in my case I find it hard to find time to rest.  Seems like job at home is neverending job.  We do it out of love not for any money. The past week, I cannot find a time to take some rest because the house is so crowded when kids are around.  But today, house is quiet because kids are at school.  I can take my rest and a long nap  Thanks God for a day of peace and quiet.  I will go to my dream land now. zzzzzz…..

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  1. by simply kim, on November 10 2010 @ 11:04 pm


    you are absolutely right! household chores are the most tiring jobs of all because they keep on coming, lol! by the way, thanks for visiting my blog, yeah i think there's something wrong with posting comments, i'm having trouble posting comments to other's blogs as well.. (sigh*)

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