Suffering from Loss Bowel Movement

Today I am planning to get some rest and more sleep because I am not feeling well.  I carried my nephew for him to take a morning nap so that I can take my nap as well.  My nephew is half asleep when my sister knocking on the door.  She did not go to work because she is suffering from loss bowel movement since last night.  She wants me to go with her to the clinic to have her check.  And because she is pregnant we cannot just buy over the counter medicine. 

My plan for today to get some rest is ruined by my sister.  I woke up my nephew, get  ready him ready and myself and we are heading to the clinic.  My plans to get some rest turns out to be a tiring day for me.  Even though I did not get some rest at least my day is fruitful because I accompany my sister to the clinic.  Her condition is better than mine.  We get prescribed medicine by the doctor and now she is feeling better and the little angel inside her womb is better.  Thanks God!