Blessed with my Family

Last week my hand is burned from cooking.  It is badly burned that cause me having fever because it is swelling.  It is so painful that it is so difficult to move my hand.  It is too hard doing things with one hand only.  If I could turn back time I should take extra careful while cooking.  Since the damage is already done, all I can say is ‘what if’. 

I cannot do my laundry and cannot help them doing household chores.  I appreciate what my family did to me.  They bought me some medicine for my burned hand, do household chores for me and even doing my own laundry.  Truly our family will always be there for us.  We can always count on them when we are in need and needed a shoulder to lean on.  I am so thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful family.  I am so blessed to have them beside me.  Though we have misunderstanding sometimes, still they are here for me.  And those misunderstandings makes the family relationship stronger.