From Lovers to Friends..

When a relationship ends, usually people do not like to have a communication with their past.  They prefer to forget it and leave it behind.  It is painful because we do invest feelings and emotions.  It is normal to cry because we remembered the memories both have shared.  Many is in that sad part of the relationship that has end opted to not be friends because it will remind them of the past. 

I have been in that kind of relationship and I can say that is it better to be friends after the break up.  As we started as friends, we ended as friends.  It hurts but at least we are friends now.  Even closer to one another and might be best of friends.  For me it is a good feeling that we still talking and sharing our different lives.  Though we did not end together, we decided to be friends forever.  I felt the regret sometimes but it is better to let it go and move on.  Wishing each other a good life, happy life and a better life.  Our relationship that ends as lover and starts a new relationship which is our friendship.  Friendship that will lasts forever until our hair turns to gray. 

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  1. by frostygirl, on November 5 2010 @ 6:23 pm


    I agree with you it is better to remain friends. If you think about it you shared so much together and it seems such a waste to lose all of that. It is different if one of the parties still loves the other it might then be too painful to remain friends then obviously it is better to cut off and move on

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