Chef for Hire

A quick post for me today because I am a little tired.  We went to beach today because it is the birthday of my brother-in-law.  It is his request to held his birthday at the beach.  Since my sister do not know how to cook foods when there is occasion, she asked me to do it for her.  And because I love her that much and she seldom asked me, I said yes.

I swear being in front of fire and do the cooking is not easy.  So hot and I get to taste all the foods that I cooked that makes me find it hard to loss  Although I love to cook, I don’t want to be a chef even for my family because it is very tiring.  But no choice for my family wont take no for an answer.  And so I was hired by my sister to be the chef for today.  Instant and very tiring job for me and it is for me.  Doing it out of love.  At the beach we did have a little celebration and having some fun.  Family day, family bonding on hie birthday.