Little Surprises

Today is a very tiring day for me, I got some problem in one of my site.  Thank God I was able to healed it through the help of my friend.  My early morning schedule to visit a friend has moved into afternoon appointment.  Good thing I still able to go to my appointment to a friend because she gave me chocolates.  I am so happy thinking that I will give those to my nieces when I get home.  Because they always ask presents every time I go out.

Heavy rain in the city so it was dark when I got home.  As what I have expected, they did asked something for me.  I gave to them those chocolates and they give me a kiss.  No presents no kiss.  That are my nieces policy.  When I arrived, minutes later my brother and his wife arrived also from work.  To my surprise sister-in-law bought me sandals.  I am so  happy, this is the exchange of my chocolates.  Though I am so tired today, little surprises come my way and tiredness is gone.  Thanks God for these little surprises!