Yesterday we are remembering the death 22nd death anniversary of my mother.  I never thought it was too long ago since my other left us and go to another stage of her life.  Every year we go to visit her and bring foods there we will share foods thinking she was there with us.  Gosh, I so missed my mother very much.  Her touch and embrace I missed so much.  Was not able to do that because she got sick when I was so young.

Yesterday I missed to visit her because of heavy rain I was not able to go with my father.  I look after my nieces and nephew.  I cannot bring them to the cemetery because of the bad weather.  I just thinking that my mother would understand.  I will make sure to visit her this coming all souls day.  Happens once a year, I wont missed this day and I go visit her.  I maybe missed her day but she will always be in my heart forever. 

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  1. by Jen, on October 28 2010 @ 1:18 pm


    Well we do remember the people who are close to our hearts. They are a part of us and will always be. We just recently celebrated my father's death anniversary too.

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