To Serve and Protect….

They are the men in uniform, promised to serve the nation and protect the people under their jurisdiction.  They put their lives at risk just to fulfill their duty of serving the nation.  In this kind of profession is very scary because they do not know who are their enemy.  They sometimes assigned to the place which is new to them. 
They are always on call when the people and some situation is needed them to be there.  But when really hurts to know is that their promised to serve and protect the. They are not on duty because they want to spent some time with their family which is seldom to happen is the day of their final stand.  They come for help because someone needed but the help is the cause of their death.  They don’t mind what will happen to them because it is their duty.  They are not scared but them inside them they are. Scared for their family and love ones who will be leave behind.  If we are to realize, the promised to serve and protect is never easy.  Their own life is at stake because of their duty.  To those lives are taken away from them because of their duties and profession,  may they rest and peace!  Your families are always be proud of you! 


  1. by tips4green, on October 27 2010 @ 2:52 pm


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  2. by imriz, on October 27 2010 @ 2:58 pm


    men in uniform show courage and respect. let it be a symbol for every citizen.

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