Fulfilling the dream to be an Angel

Last two days ago, my niece is having her presentation at school because their school is celebrating the Holy Rosary month. As the finally of their celebration, they will have a small presentation and my niece is part of those angels. I was not able to attend and watch her because I was not feeling well that day. I missed the chance to see my niece performs as an angel. Better luck next time for me.

When I was young I want to be an angel but did not able to because of some circumstances. Being an angel in a play is always in my dreams and will remain in my dreams. Did not able to get the chance to have it while I am still young. Looking at my niece would be a great experience for me and I can think that it was I playing instead of her. Though I was not given the chance to be an angel in a play, my niece does and it is like a dream come true for me. My niece fulfilled my dreams to be an angel. And to complete my dreams and make it really come true, I took a picture of me with her wings. Without my niece because it is my dreams. Take a look at the picture above. Isn’t it nice to be an angel?