The Name Lianna Fellise

My sister is seven months pregnant.  Many of her friends told her that her baby is a girl because there is no changes in her appearance and no dark spots on her skin.  We also thought  that it is going to be a girl because the baby moves slow in her womb.  As she likes it to be a girl, she has a name already and it is LIANNA FELLISE.  We always do window shopping and she always go to pink colors for her baby’s things.  After picking what she likes, she decided to buy it after the ultrasound result.

Today is her ultrasound to know the gender of her baby.  She was very excited to know because she planned to buy baby’s cloth after getting the result. Her plan has changed because it is a baby boy.  The name she prepared will not be going to use.  Although she is happy about the result, but she really wants it to be a baby girl.  She asked what will happen to the name she prepared.  I told her I will be using it when I got a baby  Now, we think of a new name.  A baby boy name for her baby that will be the best combination of her husband’s name and my sister’s name.  Excited to know what will be the name of her baby boy.