Source : PAG-ASA
Every year Philippines do experiences many typhoons, it is about a double digit. Usually typhoons do come when Christmas season is approaching. The other day some area in Luzon was hit by typhoon Juan. It is considered to be a strong typhoon of this year so far. I have seen on television how devastated some areas are. Feel so sad for my fellowmen who are now in this very hard situation. Many houses are washed away by this typhoon. Some are sad, crying and others are smiling because they do not know what to do. Filipinos are known for that, no matter how hard life is we still manage to laugh about it. But deep inside we are sad. But despite this trial in life, we still manage to go on with life and appreciate that we are still alive. Houses can be built again but lost of life cannot. Still Filipinos are so grateful to God that they are still alive and family is complete.
This is a part of trials in life that we are battling. Keep the faith to God for He will never leave us empty and always be there for us to help. We just have to search Him in our hearts and in those people who helped us. Life is a neverending journey and battle, keep the fight, be strong for at the end of every storm there is a rainbow. A rainbow that brings bright tomorrow and better future for us. God bless!


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    I am praying for you! I have many friends who live in Philippines and I think about them all the time – especially during rainy season. We spent a summer/fall time there 2 years ago and were amazed at the strength of Typhoons! Thinking of you!


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