Keep the faith in Him….

Its been two months since the miners from Chile was trapped.  Their families are sad because of what had happened to them.  Who would have thought that they will be rescued?  Their families are praying for their safety and praying that soon they will meet again.  They keep beleiving that they will be rescued and  get out from there.  Never lost hope that God will grant their prayers and they will get out from there soon.
Indeed God  heard them praying and sees the faith they have for Him.  They are rescued after that two months pf praying.  God’s hands are working through the heart of those people who did their best to get the miners out of being trapped.  The strong faith they have for Him makes them rescued.  Truly is there is a will there is a way.  Their will to survived and get out from there alive is heard by God.  And God shows  the way on how to get them out from their.  In life’s trials and difficulties all we have to do is to keep the faith and keep hoding on to Him because He knows better than us.