Read Between the Lines….

Are we deaf? Insensitive? Or just do not have the courage to face the real situation in our life?  We oftentimes looking for some signs to tell us that thing are not going on our way.  Opted not to listen because it is very hard to accept that truth about life.  Wondering what is going on and why these things are happenings in our life.

Sometimes we are to blame of our action because we are insensitive.  What is happening in our life is the result of such action.  Some answers we are looking for are facing us already trying to wake us up because we are in deep sleep.  Life is a continues journey all we have to do is to read between those lines that are knocking on our doorstep.  We just needed to look around for us to see what is  in-store for us behind those doors.  Explore and we will see that life is better when we open those doors.  Never be afraid to try new things for it is for the better.  Life is what we make it, read between the lines and we will hear the beauty of it.