10.10.10 event in my life…

I have sseen on television and heard on people about 10.10.10 event this year.  They said that it is a very lucky day in our life and good luck will be coming to us.  It happnes once in 10 years that is why they said experience this day of being happy and recieving some good luck.  So it is good to make a good memory on this day.

On October 10, 2010, the family celebrated the birthday of my sister.  Indeed we create a good memory because we went to beach to have fun and enjoyment while at beach.  It is a good family bonding for us because we do not do it usually.  We seldom go to beach if there is an occasion especially on birthdays.  My father do not like to celebrate birthdays at the beach.  He always says it should be at the house.  First time to do it and it is on 10.10.10 event and it is my sister’s birthday who is 7 months pregnant.  It is a very nice and good experience we have created on this day.  This 10.10.10 event in my life is a very memorable one and complete because of the blessings that comes from God.

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  1. by anne, on October 11 2010 @ 9:52 am


    haist naunsyami man atong through my love haist. sige lang basta kay naka beach hehehe

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