A tempting offer..

It has fell so many times already that is why my mobile phone is not in good condition. Sometimes there is display and sometimes no display. So sad because this happens when I am out of money. I cannot go to a shop to have it repair because I do not have budget right now. It has been my mobile phone for years already maybe I needed to buy a new one also. But not the right time for me.

This morning when I visited my sister to their house, she told me that there is an agent who went to their school. It is an agent who offers a postpaid plan with free cellphone. It is so tempting because the phone is so nice and it is for free. All I have to do is to pay monthly bill amounting to 300 pesos (Philippine money). I am tempted to get one since I needed a new mobile because the old one is giving me pain in my head. Going back home, I am thinking if i get a new one. But decided not because I have my internet monthly bill. Getting a new mobile will only add another burden for me. I will just let this offer slipped away because I cannot afford to pay additional bills. Sometimes we have to let those wants slipped away for us to not be in so much expenses to pay. I just hope that this offer will come back when I have some extra to pay another bill.