Poor Little Nephew…

My nephew right now is in pain because he of his teething.  He is having fever for four days now.  He is always crying, hard to go to sleep and wants me to carry him usually.  Makes me so tired because he is getting heavy.  He does no feel likes eating because of the pain in his gums.  How I wish I could get the pain out of him and transferred to mine.  Indeed kids cannot bear the pain that is why they always cry.

He always wants to play, running around and smiling but now he has lost it because of the pain.  My poor little nephew have lost the energy to play and running around the house.  I have always in bad mood because of the mess he is leaving in the house  but seeing him not doing that makes me sad.  I now realized that  it is better for him to play and doing all the mess rather than crying and in pain.  I hope that his teeth will show up so that his pain will be gone and he will be back to playful and jolly nephew.

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