Cold Thursday for Me…

Christmas is fast approaching, I feel it today as the weather is so cold.  The blowing of the wind that touches my skin as I go outside.  Aside from those Christmas songs that I heard on the radio early in the morning that telling me Christmas is just around the corner, the blowing of the wind is participating in welcoming the season.  The season of love and greetings for everybody.  Eventhough times are very hard this year, still people are celebrating and will be welcoming this season with smiles on their faces.  

Todays weather smells the Christmas season.  Cold and windy that makes me have some mixed emotions.  Sad, lonely and happy.  The feeling that I cannot explain because even myself do not understand why I have this feelings.  Seems like someone will come and will go.  Some are having countdown for Christmas to come.  They are happy doing it each day.  I can see that they are not that affected with the hardships in life.  They even have their shopping list as early as this.  How I wish I will have thae feeling like them.  Feeling of happiness and lots of smiles while waiting for Christmas season to come.  One day I will get that feeling, I am always praying for it.


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