I am into blogging for almost a year now, I am enjoyed doing it and I gave my warmest thank you to my humble and old computer. Old model computer but helps me a lot in my blogging stuff and keeping in touch the man I love and to my friends who are working abroad. I can still do things with this old computer of mine but I really feel the need to buy a new one for me to be able to do what the other bloggers do.

I have told my sister about it and we have talked about it but she cannot help me for now because she is an expectant mother. We went to mall last week and we went to a store that is selling computers and laptop. She said these are your dreams and she cannot help me and I do understand. We are just doing window shopping and then go home after. The laptop that I saw in the mall remained in my mind and I do hope I do get one someday. It is one of my dreams for me to do more in blogging. Hoping that this dream would come into reality one day.


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  1. by Airamara, on October 3 2010 @ 12:09 pm


    it's possible to achieve, you can have your dream laptop someday. by the way i also added this blog to my blog site. (",)

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