Because of her…

This meme really catches my attention because it is all about being thankful for all the blessings we have recieved from God, thankful to our family, friends and neighbors. It is really a right thing to do to be thankful for all the good things we have in our life. Instead of complaining, embrace life may it good or bad. Bottom line is we are alive and have hope and future.

My entry for this Thankful Thursday meme is about my late mother who played a big part in my life until now. She made me who I am now today. Teaches me values in life and become a responsible person. Back then I didn’t understand why she keeps on teaching us to do household chores insead of playing all day. She passed away when I was nine years old and I must say it is too hard withoout a mother in the house. No one will care for us and cook for us. No mother to comfort us. And because of her patience in teaching us, we became a responsible human beings at a very young age. We value life and value others. Really mothers knows best. Though she is not here physically, she will be in my heart forever. I am always be thankful to my mother because she made me who I am now today.


  1. by Coffeeveggie addict., on October 1 2010 @ 6:48 am


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  2. by Risma Hutabarat, on October 2 2010 @ 7:05 am


    I'm so touched with your post. I will call my mum this evening. Suddenly, I miss her after reading your thought 🙂

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