Hair Vitamin…

They said that the crowning glory of a woman is the hair.  Hairstyle reflects also the beauty and elegance of a lady.  That is why there are lots of hair treatment for girls in the salon.  It is considered the vanity of the girls because some hait treatment is really expensive and once you have it treat once it should be done as hair mentenance.  They said that if you want to look good and beautiful, we have to invest sometimes.

I have been in the salon for many times already have my hair treated, trim, cut or do hot oil.  That is how I pampered my hair twice in a year.  The other day my sister had her haircut and the beautician offered her to put some vitamins unto her hair because her hair have lost the shine.  It is our first time to hair such vitamins for hair, although the effect is good for one day at least her hair have tried the vitamins.  It has additional payment aside from the haircut fee, but it is worth it because her hait really looks good after putting it.  Even for just a day she can that she pampered her hair and she likes it. 

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