Will you wait?

I have been waiting all my life to find someone whom I will love and will love me for me.  It’s been a year now since God give him to me.  Having him in my life would be the happiest day of my life.  I would never ask for more because he is all I have ever wanted to come and to have.  The only difference is that he lives miles, oceans and air away from me.  The love that God has given to me is living from other side of the world.  I never thought I could meet someone like him.  And never thought that GOd will give me the best man in the world.

Will you wait?  This is the question many wants to know and asked me.  And I answered them, yes I will wait because he is all I ever wanted.  I have too much patience in me that is telling me to wait for the thing I really want will not give it me with just one click.  Patience will be tested because he is from other side of the world and coming here is never easy because of the economic problems.  Only God knows what is ahead of us, that is why I am giving all to God and I have faith that one day we will be together forever.  I am always praying on that day to come and the waiting will be over for we have each other already.