The Golden Rule…

‘Do not do unto others, what you do not want others to do unto you.’

This is the golden rule that I have kept in my mind ever since I was in grades school.  A golden rule that is suited for everybody who wants to be treated good and nice by others.  Respect others so that others will give you some respect also.  If others trust you, do not break it for it will ruined the relationship and will end up being enemy.  Before we do things, we make sure that we will not stepped into others life.

This is what I have observed in my neighbor.  I know this is not my business just want to make an example if you are not doing good to others.  My neighbor who happens to be a acquainted to me is having a relationship with married man.  At first they life together is in harmonious and happy.  Until she gave birth to their first son.  After two months, the guy change suddenly until she found out that her man has another woman.  So sad but it happened to her what she did to the original wife.  She let the guy pick unfortunately he pick the new woman.  Seeing her with her new born baby making me son.  The son has to suffer from the mistakes of his parents.  Really ‘karma’ happens on the day you will less expected it.  If you are doing bad to others, it will comes back to you.  I know I am being bad by sharing her story, I just wants others to know that before we are doing things and making some decisions in life we should always remember the golden role for it will gives us a way to make good deeds and be a better person.  If you want to be treated good and fairly, treat others the same way.  God bless!