Baby Shampoo for my Hair

I have tried so many kinds of shampoo but still my hair is brittle and falling.  It falls when it reaches below my shoulder.  I do not know what to do with my hair.  I can manage the dry and frizzy hair but I cannot manage to see it keeps falling.  They say I should use shampoo that is mild for my scalp, shampoo that will not harm my scalp to prevent my hair from falling.  But I still have the same problem and my hair is not thick anymore.  I even tried to use coconut milk as my shampoo.  But it cause me a little headache because my hair not dry totally.

I have asked so many advices from parlor but they are saying the same thing.  Until someone told me to try a baby shampoo.  It is too mild and good for sensitive scalp.  I have tried using it for a week now and in that short period of time I have noticed that hair falls are lessen now.  I am so happy to see the changes.  I think baby shampoo is best for me to use.  Mild and gentle to my scalp.  Hopefully after months of using it the thickness of my hair will back to normal.  And hopefully it will not fall down when it reaches below my shoulder.  I am looking forward to see some more development of my hair.