Who will sweep the floor?

Back when I was younger, my late mother always thought me as well my brothers and sister to do some household chores.  Usually I end up sweeping the floor as I am the youngest among the four of us.  Sweeping the floor is easy for me at my age.  This is the reason why I am teaching my two nieces to sweep the floor.  I want them to become a good and responsible person as they grow up.  I want them to learn slowly some household chores. As they are five and seven years old, sweeping the floor is their next assignment after cleaning their toys on the floor.

They are in the house today because they do not have class.  When they told me that they want to watch tv, I told them to sweep the floor first.  Ronna (who is 7 years old) told me that Ella ( who is 5 years old) should sweep the floor because Ella is the youngest.  Then Ella said no because I told Ronna to sweep the floor.  They end up fighting with each other.  Ronna asked me, why I want her to sweep when there is Ella.  So to end the confusion in her mind, I get the two broom and give it to them.  And I said, instead of fighting who will sweep the floor it is best that you two will do the sweeping.  I told Ronna where she will start sweeping and Ella too.  After that, they smiled at each other and started sweeping.  They are having fun and a little race who will finish first.  I love looking at them doing it and telling them the missing spot.  It is a good feeling seeing the kids learning some household chores.