Well Rested Saturday

I am so happy today that my sister-in-law bring her two daughters to her office work.  Only left for me to look up to is my one year old nephew.  Seldom to happen that is why I am very happy to know that kids are not around today.  I can rest for hours, no noisy, no stubborn and no fighting around.  After burnt out from loads of work yesterday, I am able to get some rest today.  I took a long nap, nothing to worry about because only me, my sister and my nephew are in the house.  No need to prepare foods for lunch for my sister bring foods for us to share.

This day would be one of my day that I am free to just lay down, watching tv and after get come nap to regain the energy I have lost from being so tired yesterday.  And also every saturday a chitchat with my sister about her pregnancy experiences, development and her married life.  We always do that every saturday since she doesn’t have every the weekends.  The house is so quiet and peaceful that is good for me to get some rest.  After a little chitchat with my sister, we took a long nap and wakes up with a smile because I feel well rested and have some peace of mind.