Laundry day and it is so tiring…

Today is friday my laundry day and I must say it will be so tiring for me. As I was getting dirty clothes I have noticed I have loads of it today.  I didn’t notice it for the past days because some of it are hanging outside the closet.  My father used to do that, putting dirty clothes outside the closet and hang it.  I felt like crying seeing my loads of laundry.  Aside from doing my laundry I have other household chores that I have to do plus taking care of my one year old nephew.

After doing my household stuff, I am not feeling really well.  Seems like I will faint and I don’t know why for I have the same thing even before.  Really I am not getting any younger.  My body needs some time to relax after doing loads of laundry.  I needed to take some nap to keep me going and be able to look after my nephew.  I took a nap because my nephew is still sleeping.  Truly years have gone when I am not feeling really tired after doing loads of laundry.  My body is not used to wash loads of laundry.  I am used to do hand wash but today I felt really really tired.  After today, I promise to do my laundry every other day to avoid  overloaded of laundry.  For me to not suffer and not fee really tired after laundry is done.

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