Those were the days….

As we are celebrating the 27th birthday of my brother today, we are talking of the things that we have gone through all those years.  He is our youngest and the baby in the family.  We always care and love him because our late mother loved him so much.  He was still very young when our mother got sick and passed away.  Always tells us to love him and guide him always.  I never forget those words that my mother always told us back when she was battling for her life because of illness.  She always wants us to love, support and love each other for she will die the five of us will stick together and will make our life go on without her. 

After our dinner, we talk of the past experiences we have encounter.  Although most of it are bad times, good thing are we are still together and manage to smile.  Now that we are older, those things will remained in our hearts for those are made us who we are today.  Things that made us strong and able to understand what life really is.  Though trials made us wants to give up but the thought of our mother keeps us strong and still going on.  We will always remembered the good teaching she has left for us.  Always cherish and treasured it wherever we may go and whatever life we choose to take.  Our mother makes us a better person and responsible person.  We owe a lot to her and to our father who supported us without our mother.  Those where the days that my mother was still alive and spend time with us teaching things we needed to know that would help us in the future as we go on with our life.