The Noisy Electric Fan….

It is rainy season here in my country Philippines but still the weather is so hot.  Even is if it is raining, staying inside the house is like burning.  Climate has totally change nowadays due to global warming.  Since we do not have air conditioner, we used electric fan every time we feel the heat inside the house.  We have two electric fan for two year already.  I can that these two electric fan has been working a lot for us to bring coolness in the house.  It is so hard to bare the heat nowadays, I would rather stay inside the bathroom and shower the whole day.

It was recently when one of our electric fan goes very noisy.  When I look at the electric fan I can tell that its tired and want some rest for a few days.  Noise is very loud especially at night.  When all is quiet, I can hear the noise louder that will wakes me up.  My other brother who is a technician tried to fixed it but still there is the noise.  He do not know what makes it very noisy.  As he is trying to figure out, we are still using it and ignore the noise it brings.   Hopefully he figured it out and fixed it before he will suggest we buy a new one.  Because we do not have budget to buy a new one for now.