Her Sweet Downfall…

It’s been years since she is in confused for the man she loved has gone without any note or a letter for her.  She is looking, longing, and waiting for some answers.  Emptiness she felt deep inside her, lots of why’s in her mind that is left unanswered.  Even though she showed some smile on her face, her eyes are hiding those tears that ready to fall when no one is around.  The man she choose to love has left her and gone without telling her the reason why.  She find it hard to let go for she still hopes that one day he will be back again.

After years of battling all the why’s, she find in her heart that she has to let go of the person whom she treasured for a long time.  She had overcome the pain that he has brought to her.  She had end up the bitterness for the time had healed it.  The wounds that he left from the past has marked a scars in her heart.  It is too much for her to bare but it made her a better, wiser and stronger person over the years.  It helps her to finally move on and continue the happy life ahead.  Though he brought too much pain in her, still she considered him her sweet downfall.  A downfall that make her rise again.

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