The best card I have received…..

This afternoon I was looking at my things, trying to read those cards have given to me by my friends years back and up to present.  I have fun of looking old things it helps remind me of them.  The old memories and the happy moments we shared together.  I am fond of reading the words that are written on the cards.  It is a good thing to look at it and read it from time to time, makes me smile thinking of them. 

All cards comes from a friend here in the Philippines.  But the best card I have ever received  comes a friend online whom I only seen and meet online.  Our friendship lasted for a year already.  I never thought I could find a nice friend like that online.  It was a birthday and valentines day card comes from him.  It makes it more special because it is a two in one card.  One card hitting two occasion, funny to look at it because it is intended for his girlfriend from Philippines.  Sad to say his girlfriend broke up with him for no reason, he wants to throw the card so I asked him to give it to me.hahaha It was just a joke when I said give it to me, but he really sent it to me.  It is good to find a friend from other side of the world.  Our friendship will be forever and hopefully I get to introduce him to my boyfriend one of these days.