Sleepover at sister’s place….

I have been missing my sister for months.  We used to sleep together back when we were young until she got married.  I missed the talking we used to do before when we are lying in bed at night.  We talked and shared many things in life, funny and serious type.  I used to talked our past, when we are still young always quarrel and we laugh about it.  When she got married last January 2010, my night has change for I do not have someone to talk to while waiting my eyes to fall asleep. 

Yesterday her husband went to his parents parents place because he has to repair something.  And only my sister left in their house.  My sister invited me to come and sleep their overnight.  I am so excited because after months of missing her I will be able to sleep with her again.  We talk many things again, but this time it is about her married life and her being pregnant.  I am so happy to see her very happy in her life.  That is how I wish her when she decided to get married.  Although they have misunderstanding with her husband, my sister is matured enough to control herself.  As much as possible she want to talk and settle things.  That is how I admire my sister, always wants to settle things in a very calm voice.  I am so blessed to have a sister like her.