Hold on…

In the midst of all the challenges in life, we should keep holding on.  Almost all people in the world are into this kind of situation.  Battling for their life to survive and overcome the challenges that comes left and right.  Living in the world today is not easy anymore just like before.  The trials that people are facing today are double.  Smiles are very hard to find for people are struggling for them to survive.  Especially those who are below poverty line. 

Our family is not exempted to this.  We are battling different trials.  Sometimes misunderstanding occurs but we still holding on and keep the fight together.  It is not easy when the family is not in good terms.  Doing things individually is not helping in solving the problem.  Seems like holding on is slowly fading.  Almost giving up and walk away from all this things.  It is frustrating to see that some members of the family wanting to let go.  Stop the fight and go somewhere. To some, walking out is the best thing to do to free us from pain.  Family bond is important when these things happens for it will make them more closer, keep the fight, stand still and hold on.  God sees who keep the faith and trust in Him.

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