Mass Reflection….Greediness

Yesterday at church the sharing that was made by the priest is so inspiring and it is really touches my heart.  It is said that share your blessings to those who are in need.  If God is showering you with so much blessings it is expected also to share that to others.  God is using you as an instrument to help other who are in need.  Sharing your blessings will make God so happy of you and will give you more blessings to come. 

Do not be greedy as the priest said for God be happy seeing you do that after all the blessings you have received.  Buying things that you do not use it that much, buying things even if you do not want it that much and having more than one big houses is a sign of greediness.  Those acts of greediness is not good in the eyes of God.  He do not want His children to be like that.  He wants us to share and give.  Give until it hurts and give more until it hurts no more.  It is a good feeling if we are able to help someone and give happiness to someone who are in need.  A simple smile and thank you from then is enough to say that we are blessed and will be bless by God.  Double the blessings if we are able to share it to others.  God Bless!