Poem from the Heart

You came into my life, And made me complete
Each time I see you, My heart skips a beat
For you are the one, Who makes me whole
You’ve captured my heart, And touched my soul
For you I would climb the highest mountain peak
Your love I do seek
For you I would cross the rivers most wide
To have you by my side.
You are so beautiful inside and out
You are the one I admire no doubt
For you are the one God sent from above
The angel I needed, For whom I do love.
I promise to give you all I have to give
I’ll do anything for you as long as I live
I hope that one day you’ll come to realize
How perfect you are when seen through my eyes.
What a lovely poem that is dedicated to me.  Although he is not the one who made it, it is an inspiring poem to hear telling me how he felt for me.  Reading makes me floating in the sky, dreaming and wishing on the star that someday we will see each others eyes. A perfect poem in this battle of love.  Reading it with passion and from the heart will erase the confusion and doubts inside. 
To my readers, hope this poem inspires you also.  Even if we are single, reading it will inspire us that one day someone will come and whisper those words to us.  This is a kind of poem that would tell that us someone is there for us and will love us with all their heart.  Just wait patiently for that someone will come in perfect package.  This is for everybody who is in love and for those who are waiting to be loved.  Cheers everyone!