Doing well at School…..

My five (5) years old niece is at her first year of classes.  She is a kinder one student.  Although she is first timer at school, she knows how to recite the alphabet and count the number up to twenty.  We are practicing her while she is at her four (4) years old.  I can see that she will do good at school for she is a fast learner.  Aside from the fact that she doesn’t want us to teach her over and over again, she remembers almost everything we have taught her.  She has this kind of attitude that she wants to study and learn only if she wants to.  She just watch and then follow what she sees and observed.  She is an observer kind of girl.  She rather choose to watch first before doing her things.

This morning her teacher told my sister-in-law that my niece is legible to be in grade one.  For she knows how to count the numbers, recite the alphabet and even knows how to read only two letters.  It is flattering to us but we have decided to retain her and finish this year as kinder one for her to be more prepared when she enters grade one next year.  Everyday when she got home from school, she showed to us the stars she got from all the activities.  Ended she does good in math.  I am very proud of my little stubborn niece, for even she doesn’t want us to make her study her lesson she is doing well at school.  She has a brilliant mind that she only knew for she is an observer kind of girl.