Couple’s Rings in Life….

When the two person in a relationship wanted a life together they will get three kinds of rings in life.  The rings that symbolizes their love and commitment to each other.  A ring that will tell and remind them the promises they made with each other.

The first ring is called, the engagement ring.  A ring that symbolizes that they have plans to make a life together.  The kind of life they wanted to have, and a commitment that they will be getting married one day.  It is a very sweet ring for a girl to have.  A ring that will tell the girl/woman that she belongs to him and choose him to be her man forever.

The second ring is the wedding ring.  A ring that is blessed by God.  It is a kind of ring wherein the two couple are bind together and considered one.  Given on their wedding day where they exchange vows to be together and be faithful to each other.  Two rings but are one because it is blessed by God, witness by a lot of people.  It is meant forever for they are fully committed and promised to love each other till there last breath.  A ring that symbolizes a new chapter of their life as husband and wife and have a family of their own.  It is a life that is full of happiness.

In life, couples will encounter lots of trials.  And this is the last ring, the sufferings.  They will be tested with this kind of problems.  Pain, trials, and difficulties.  These are the sufferings that the couple has to overcome for them to have a happy life together.  They are not expected to be happy forever after their wedding ring.  For they will encounter sufferings to prove how committed they are to the promises they made.  This will be the big test to them if they are going to battle this together or better end it for they cannot hold on. 

Life is never, we have to encounter those things to make us  a better and stronger person.  A successful couple are those who walk together, hand in hand and never let go.  As they are one, they will fight it together as one.  Showing the world that they mean it when they promised to be together forever.