Status in the Society….

We are all children of God, created by His own image and likeness.  We are all equal in His eyes.  He gave us a good place to live for us to enjoy our life here in earth.  But why there is rich and the poor?  Why  there is no equality here on earth?  Questions that are left unanswered for no one knows who to ask.  It is so sad to know that there is rich and poor.  Others do have wide land they owned and others do not have even just a small piece.  Poor ones work and serve the rich one for them to live and survive in life.  There are lots of differences between rich and the poor here on earth.  And this status in the society affects people wherein a poor one cannot  fall in love by rich one.

This is what had happened to my cousin, who fall in love and have a relationship with the rich one for a year.  He promised to prove to his family that status in the society is nothing in the field of love.  For all is fair in love.  A word that is keep by my cousin and hold on to it for she believe in him and trust in him.  She didn’t mind on how her boyfriend’s family looking and stare at her.  She can take everything for she love him that much.  That promise vanished when he says, he can no longer keep it.  Says it is better to end it for he wants to enjoy the life of being single and he has plans to help his family financially.  Poor reason for a man just to say goodbye.  A reason that is hard to buy for it is very shallow.  My cousin accept it for she understand from the very beginning that loving someone who is in high status in society is difficult.  So sad that there are people who are like that, they look for what your status.  I hope that this will end for we are all equal.  Although we are in low status, we are still human and deserve to be treated well.