Learn to Let Go….(Ada May)

I have been posted several article about my friend whose heart is broken by her boyfriend.  Their three (3) years relationship crashed down for the reason that she cannot understand.  I have considered it a long-term relationship for three years of being together is never easy.  Her world tumbling down when he says, it is better for you to stay away from me’.  A line that even me do not understand why he has to say those words to her.  Does he really cares for my friend?  A friend of mine who is giving her all for the love.  The love she thinks she found in him is never last that long.

I keep on telling her to let him go and forget him.  Yes, it is easy for me to say but hard for her to do.  I myself been in that kind of relationship, though not as long as hers.  I never want to let go either for I keep telling myself he is the one.  That is what I see in my friend, she wants to hold on and keep believing he will be back.  Letting go is never easy for the heart dictates our mind not to.  The heart that commanded us not to and there is still hope.  I do hope that one day Ada May will learn to forget him and let go of the feeling she has for him.  I still believe that there is someone there who deserves her love, for she deserves to be love as well.  Learning takes time and effort, and I do hope she will find the strength to do it.