It Aint Easy…..

As my friends says I am good at giving advices, so they seek advices from me.  I have wide understanding of some situation in life.  I do have this positive outlook in life.  No matter how difficult life is for me, I still think positive for me to go on with life.  Face difficulties in life with a smile  so that good aura will be on my side.  It is easy for me giving advices to a friend or to people but I cannot give advices to myself.  When it comes to me it is very hard to think straight. 

Family issues makes me weak and want to quit.  It ain’t easy giving advices when deep in my heart I have something to settle first.  But do not know how, when and where to start.  Today I felt like crying and I want to shout a loud to tell the people how I really feel.  They said it is hormones that strikes me today.  No matter how I tried to tell myself I am okay and I cant do it, I cannot.  It is very hard to tell I am okay when in fact I am not.  I want to share it to someone but no one to talk to so I decided to write it in here my feeling and emotion for today.  To make me feel relieved from this feeling I have inside.  After writing I hope I will feel better and have the strength to go on with life even if it ain’t easy.