When it Rains it Pours…..

Our world today is in crisis.  People are battling so many problems in life in order to survive.  No one know when this gonna stop and no one knows what is ahead of us after this.  Many lives are affected because of this crisis, many are wondering why this happened and many are asking why God let this things happens.  Many died causing hunger for no one to eat especially in those areas where poverty is rampant.  Children are suffering from malnutrition.  Truly that when it rains it pours.  We have experiencing so much crisis right now, some lost their job and others are closing their businesses.  It is like a heavy rain that flushes us all in the drainage. 

Even though these things happens still we can manage to smile.  Some are doing the fake smile just to make them feel all is fine and will be over soon.  Keep the faith and trust in God that He will never leaves us empty.  That He is always there to guide and watch us.  Crisis is the way of saying come to Him and ask for more strength to go on with life.  Upon battling problems in life, we need to ask for God’s blessings to give us more energy and concentration to keep us moving on.  At the end of this rains in life, there is a rainbow that gives us a new beginning.  A better and colorful beginning after surviving for the heavy rains.  A rainbow that tells there is a hope for everybody and a better tomorrow for everybody.  Keep battling for there is a brighter future ahead of us.