God’s Loving Embrace……

In life’s journey, we may encounter many trials and difficulties.  Times when we needed to be strong to fight till the end.  It hurts us deeply knowing that trials are to heavy to carry.  We like to hide and run away to free us from all these.  Instead of facing it, we opted to run and let it pass by without doing anything.  Afraid to challenge and conquer it.  Believing in ourselves that we can do it and can make it.  It is better for us to face it rather than hide and run away.  Facing it is the way to solve problems and trials in life.

If we are confused and looking for a place to hide, we listen to our heart and we will know the answer.  God’s loving arms is the right place to hide.  His love will make us relieve from all these.  He never fails to listen to us and give us His loving arms.  When we are afraid and do not know what to do, come to Him and feel the loving embrace He has for us.  Never be afraid and never lose hope for God will always open His arms to us.  We will find refuge and a place where we can have a peace of mind and at ease.  Talking to Him is the best that we can do.  Ask for guidance and strength for us to continue this battle in life.  No one will make us feel better than Him.  Come to God and feel His loving embrace.

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