Behavior Problem….

It is not easy being a grouchy girl and  always in a bad mood.  It is like you are in a situation where you think everyone is picking on you.  Because of our irritable mood, we are tempted to blame others.  Without knowing it is our attitude that bringing us into a not so good behavior.  We get easily annoyed and irritated because we are being impatient of having the things that we are craving for.  Try to consider that sometimes we could be responsible enough for making our life a one big mess.  We may think that all is against our way and opposite to what we want to happen. 

Each of us has different trials in life, bad news that come in our way, and disappointments.  Those things are irritating and we are being impatient because we are eager to fight it in a fastest way possible.  Dealing it really matters, if we are able to deal it grace and under pressure.  We are in control of what is happening in our life.  Instead of being irritated, we should try to evaluate it and we face it with a smile.  Telling those trials in life that no matter how big they are, we are in control and still can face it with courage and strength.  Face it with composure and embrace it with a smile.  No one can control our behavior but us and ourselves. Do not let our behavior control us for it will lead us to wrong direction.  We end up frustrated and giving up to fight in this so called,  behavioral problem.