Abortion is not the Answer..

The essence of a woman is to bare a child and gave birth.  A dream that every married wants to come true.  The gift that is come from God to married couple.  A gift that will make the family grow stronger and happy together.  Not everybody is given the chance to have it due to some circumstances.  And they end up adopt a child just to have a child inside the house to bring smile and noise. 

Nowadays, young ones do engaged into pre-marital sex.  Without minding what kind of responsibilities they are facing when the girl gets pregnant.  They do not think of the future and the consequences, they only think of the present and the urge to do it.  When the girl gets pregnant, the first thing that will come into their mind is abortion.  They think it is the only way out for the upcoming responsibility.  They think the baby will be the hindrance for them to have a successful career.  Because they are still young, so they opted to abort the baby.

They may become successful in life but they will be haunted by their conscience forever.  Something that they wish to turn back time.  A successful career is a little angel’s sacrifice.  They might think of many what if’s in their life for a child is a wonderful blessings.  A blessing that they choose to disregard for their so called future.  I just wish that to those into this kind of situation would realize that abortion is not an answer.  It is a blessing  so keep it and cherish it forever.