They call each other buddy, best friends, and partners in drinking  and having fun.  They are the perfect of example of a brothers who do not fight and they prefer to share joke and laugh a lot.  When my mother died, they are the two person who guarded me to not be on the wrong direction.  I could say that they are the responsible one why I grow up strong and understand man better.  My two older brother who always told me before that I should not be involve into a relationship until I finish my schooling.  Always told me that there are two places I need to remember always, school and home.  Even though I do not like it because I want to go out and play with my friends.  I could say that in my childhood days I didn’t play a lot because of them.  Since my other died when we were young, they act as my mother.

Aside from my father, my brothers are the most important guy in my life.  I am what I am because of them who always watch me and guide me.  I could say they are very strict brother and I thank them for that.  Right now they are having a conflict.  Small things that makes it bigger to the point of not talking to each other.  I am so hurt knowing that they were close before.  The buddy I used to know is slowly fading because of a simple misunderstanding.  I have talked to one of them, to patch it and make them be friends again.  But they have different story what is the reason of the conflict.  Pride is overflowing that is why this things happens.  I just hope that this will end soon and the friendship between them will be back to normal.  My heart is in pain seeing them not in good terms.  I pray to God that they will be friends again, and say sorry to each other.  I wish they will lower their pride and learn to forgive and forget.